Right Of Passage

A few days ago, I underwent a right of passage. The experience was neither scary nor dangerous, as you might have imagined it to be. It was, however, extremely crazy. I have never done anything like it before in my life.

First, Dave and I had to blow up about fifty balloons in under half an hour. Then we each had to give some balloons to a random girl and ask her out. I went into a printing Manchester shop and asked the girl at the front desk if she’d go bowling with me. I felt so lame. Dave asked out a girl who was selling handbags in the mall.

After that, we had to sing the national anthem at the top of our lungs in the middle of the parking lot. It was pretty crazy. A lot of people tried to ignore us, but some stopped and watched us, which was embarrassing.

Body Adjustment

I was talking with a friend the other day about my aching back. She convinced me to try a form of body adjustment known as thai massage Liverpool. Well, I must admit that I was kind of skeptical about the whole thing. My friend is in to all this new age stuff, but I wasn’t. Still, I thought that I would give it a go.

I checked out a local health spa that was offering a special on the massage. This was a two for one deal. This was my first massage and my first visit to a beauty spa. The massage therapist was kind of small and delicate, but strong. She spent well over an hour stretching my entire body. I could feel my bones popping and almost bending. It was the strangest experience that I have ever had, but I will be back for more next week.

Sometimes a mistake can be a good thing

I was traveling with my wife for, what we thought would be, a nice little three day holiday — taking some time away from work. We decided to stay at one of the Premier Inn Manchester hotels, because she had received some good info from a website. She made the reservations, we printed out our maps, set the GPS, and we were set.

When checking into the hotel, the desk manager asked us if we were the Greg’s. We were, so I said, “yes.” While that WAS our name, and I thought they were expecting us, we were, in fact, different Greg’s. But, it turned out well. Their room (which was now OUR room) was all paid for. And here is the best part, they NEVER showed up. So, we got to stay at a really nice hotel, and by sheer dumb luck, we did not have to pay for it!

Tight Fit

Our crew headed out to west 7th street on a job, the first job of the day, and I was still looking to my coffee to wake me up some. Apparently a fire had gutted a local bar, famous for their Jucy Lucys (if you don’t know what a Jucy Lucy is, then you’ve been missing out).

So we pull up to the place, The Corner Bar, and it’s a real mess. Luckily for the other businesses, the fire only partially destroyed the bar leaving enough cushion between the other stores. Unfortunately for the crew, we had to work in a tight space to extract what was left of the burger joint. We could see the other business owners lining up to oversee the operation, like a bunch of union guys working on a highway (heh). I just shrugged, picked up my maul; the life of a commercial demolition worker.

Be Careful When Shoveling Snow

I woke up this morning with a killer back ache. Yesterday, we had some horrible weather in my area, and a storm dumped two feet of snow on us. I spent several hours yesterday evening digging my car out, and shoveling out my driveway and walkway. I could tell that my back was beginning to be sore as I finished the shoveling. But then something happened to ensure that my back would kill me today, I slipped on ice and fell down hard. I laid on the ground for several minutes, twisting in pain, and shivering from the cold. When I managed to finally get up, I hobbled into the house to discuss with my wife the possibility of moving to Florida. I guess the lesson here is to remember to treat your walkway with rock salt so ice doesn’t form, and so you don’t slip on ice and injure your back.